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18-19 February 2019 – Catch Report

18-19 February 2019 – Catch Report

Greenfield Valley Fishing Reporting for 18th and 19th Feb 2019.

We had Mr Vikram and Sonia fishing with us for 2 days both fishing predator tickets.

Day 1 fishing next to the restaurant and guided by Nook conditions very good light winds TEP 32° very hot day. There first run Mr.Vikram hooked a very big fish which run from one end of the lake to the lake to the other after a 30min fight he landed a Chow Praya catfish est about 120lbs went off and Sonia played and landed a Mekong catfish of about the same weight 2 fish will over 100+lbs great double hook up in the afternoon switched one rod for carp they ended up catching a few carp to 20+lbs on freelined baits.

Day 2 Mr.Vikram and Sonia fishing the same swims a missed run then Mr.Vikram hooked another big fish after a very long fight he landed another Chow Praya catfish est about 130lbs on live bait outher fish caught a red tail catfish about 25lbs again in the afternoon switched 1 rod for carp catching 3 fish to 25lbs on float feeder with pop up.

Also fishing on the 18th Feb 2019. We had our good friend Fred Loveridge Fred had fished with us many times before catching many Arapaima Fred was fishing at the far end swim fish showing but not feeding first fish a Alligator Gar about 25lbs followed by Another fish of the same size both on live bait also today we have 5 anglers fishing on the carp only lake they all caught many fish with carp to 30lbs on many baits price for fishing the lake is 500 THB per angles per day 1 Rod fishing from 8 o’clock y 6 o’clock only

For booking and information regarding the specimen lake and carp lake only lakes
Ring Earth on 092-278-4289 or nook on 089-893-6809

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