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September 2017 – Catch Report

September 2017 – Catch Report

Greenfield Valley Fishing
David Wilson’s Catch Report for Friday 1st Sept 2017

Mr Lee fishing the Specimen Lake, fishing for predator fish all day. He caught an Alligator Gar and a good size Thai Red Tail Catfish but no Arapaima. Fish caught on live bait and Guided by Nook.

David Wilson’s Catch Report for Saturday 2nd September 2017

Today Kevin and Gavin from England are fishing full ticket on the Specimen Lake. Kevin caught a big Chao Praya Catfish on live bait over 100+lbs. Gavin caught a big Red Tail Catfish on fish bait. They then switched one rod over to carp. Between them, they caught over 20 fish to over 40lbs+ fishing ledgered bread over groundbait guided by Nook.

David Wilson catch report for Mon 4th Sep 2017
Today Lee cames back to try and catch a arapaima from the Specimen lake many fish showing but not feeding i said the corner swim on the lake 10 mins later he hooked a fish on live bait turned out to be a arapaima of about 100 lbs well done Lee
Job Done
Tues 5 th Sep 2017
We had Mark back for half days fishing the Specimen lake started off catching carp finished up with over 20 fish to 40 lbs on ledgered bread he also caught a big Red tail catfish Pacu Mollycote gurami great afternoons

David Wilson catch report for Wed 6th Sep 2017
Fishing the Specimen Lake for 2 days Mr.David from Germany. first alligator far about 25lbs then changed over one rod for carp he caught 7 carp to 30+ lbs.on ledgered bread he then caught a very big Red tail catfish followed by another alligator far of about 30lbs he hooked a big Chao Praya catfish after a long fight landed a fish of about 100lbs.on live bait what a great days fishing hope tomorrow is the same

Greenfield Valley Fishing 15th Sept 2017 from Jan 2017
Greenfield have been feeding a bag of floating pellets every day on our specimen lake the fish have been growing at a good rate red tail catfish now up to 60lbs+.
Also in Jan 2017 we put in Another 150 carp between 10 and 25lbs.from our carp lake the carp are now in the 30 to 40lbs.bracket with recorded fish to 61 lbs. putting more carp in making the resident fish feed
Chao Praya catfish seem to like the floating pellet often see big fish feeding on the surface
Lost count pof fish over 100lbs. with fish to 140lbs.pacu have also grown big many fish over 20lbs. now with fish to 30lbs.
Feeding is the method to grow fish on it nice to see home grown fish caught buying big fish they are to expensive for a small fishery some of Thailand river fish like Siamese carp Mekong catfish freshwater stingrays are critically endangered in the wild and don’t reproduce in still waters

David Wilson’s Catch Report for Friday 22nd September 2017

Today we had 3 German anglers fishing half day on the Specimen Lake. Started off slow but finished a good mornings. Fishing started off with a big Red Tail Catfish, then a good size Alligator Gar. We switched one rod over to carp. They finished with 10 carp to 30+lbs fishing bread over groundbait. Guided by Nook.

David Wilson catch report for Thurs 28th Sept 2017
Two customers Mr Hoffman and his wife from German fishing the Specimen lake half day fishing for Arapaima Mr.hofman hooked and lost two Arapaima his wife caught a big Red tail catfish on ledgered fish bait

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