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October 2017 – Catch Report

October 2017 – Catch Report

Greenfield Valley Fishing
David Wilson catch report for Sun 1st Oct 2017 Today we Had Mike Sharp back Mike fished a few weeks ago he is writing a book on where to fish in Thai land i fished with Mike in the morning when I left he had caught 8 fish carp to 40+lbs.Jarva barbs to over 2lbs+ I don’t know how many fish Mike caught float fishing bread over groundbait

David Wilson catch report for 3rd Oct 2017
Fishing the Specimen Lake today we had two anglers from Denmark on a half day ticket started off with a good Red Tail Catfish they both switched 1 rod for carp on the feeder then float fishing lost count of the fish they caught ended up with a 7 carp all over 40+ lbs another red tail catfish and lost a very good Red Tail Catfish in very bad weather condition we have had more rain this year than I can remember in his him

David Wilson catch report for Wed 4th Oct 2017

Fishing today Patrick and Leigh from England fishing our specimen lake in the morning Leigh lost a Chao Praya catfish ended up catching a arapaima of about 100lbs. big gurami and carp to 30lbs.Patrick caught a alligator gar friend David holding the fish also caught a gurami lost count of the carp he caught fish to over 30lbs. All carp caught on feedar fishing in bad weather conditions on the fishing at Greenfield

David Wilson catch Report
For Thursday 5th Oct 2017
Our Customer Today Mr.Wei from China fishing half day Specimen lake fishing for carp caught 6 fish best about 60lbs.method Ledgered bread over ground bait guide by nook

David Wilson catch report on Carp lake Fri 6th Oct 2017

our Carp lake at the moment is fishing very well with carp to over 25lbs some anglers catching as many as 30 fish in a day with many outher species caught float fishing and ledgered bread and pellets are good methods only 300 baht. per day person 1rod own tackle need to hire from us unhooking Matt and landing net if you do not have your own fishing from 8 till 6 oclockonly for information regarding the Specimen lake and carp lake

David Wilson catch report
for 9th Mon 2017
Fishig the Specimen lake our friends Nics and carrl from Denmark started off slow but ended up a great day catching a good size arapaima alligator gar Pacu and many good size carp over 20 fish caught to over 40lbs.on Ledgered float fished bread over a bed of groundbait the carp fishing is very good at the moment guided by Nook we all had a great day for fishing Specimen lake And our carp lake

David Wilson Catch report
For 11th Oct 2017
Fishing today Patrick from Sweden full day on the Specimen Lake condition looked good after all the rain we have had lately started of one rod for carp and the outher for peditor fish lost count of the carp Patrick caught with fish to 30lbs. also Pacu Swai caught on float fished bread over groundbait finished of with a Red Tail Catfish

Thurs 12 Oct 2017
Greenfield Fishery
Today we stocked the Specimen Lake with 4 Arapaima from our stock pond Avv weight 90 100 lbs.Great looking fish

Earth Greenfield

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